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New Bedford Whaleboat - $5,800.00
From the 1720-1920’s nearly 60,000 whaleboats were consumed by the American whaling industry. With a useful life of no more than three years, whaleboats were discarded throughout the coastal U.S. Remarkably, only a dozen or two have survived to become part of museum collections today. This model is built using plank on frame method of construction, Includes harpoon, lance, cutting spade heads, knife blade, oarlocks and mast hinge hardware, compass, buckets and rope.
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Katy of Norfolk - $3,350.00
Toward the end of the 18th century, “Virginia built” or Baltimore boats” cane into use a pilot boats, seeing service from the Delaware Capes to Hatteras. During the American Revolution and the War of 1812 many privately owned vessels of this type were armed by their owners and issued privateering commissions by the US Government.
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Pilot Boat
Newsboy - Brigantine of Boston, 1854 - $4,950.00
Designed by master navel architect Dennison J. Lawlor, the Newsboy was built by Capt. Elisha Brown at a cost of $20,000. She plied the “Triangular Trade” route, carrying New England lumber and leather goods to the Mediterranean, then sailing to the West Indies with wine, oil and fruits before returning home with a load of sugar, molasses and rum.
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Additional Models in the Gallery for Sale

Jefferson Davis Revenue Cutter $4,950

Benjamin W.Latham, Grand Banks Fishing Schooner $4,250

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